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Fioricet, introduced in the US in the 1960s, is a pain reliever and sedative used to relieve tension headaches, and sometimes other types of pain. Fioricet is often prescribed for abortive treatment of chronic headache unresponsive to “over the counter” analgesics or NSAIDs. Fioricet can be used with an NSAID (e.g. naproxen, ibuprofen) for complementary relief of inflammatory pain.

This analgesic consists of a fixed combination of butalbital 50 mg, acetaminophen 325 mg and caffeine 40 mg. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and fever reducer (antipyretic). Butalbital is in a class of drugs called barbiturates that slow down central nervous system causing relaxation. Caffeine is believed to constrict dilated blood vessels that may contribute to tension headaches.

What is Fioricet?

• Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and fever reducer.
• Butalbital is in a class of drugs called barbiturates that slow down your central nervous system (brain and nerve impulses) causing relaxation.
• Caffeine is believed to constrict dilated blood vessels that may contribute to tension headaches.
• Together, acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine are used to relieve complex tension (muscle contraction) headaches although precisely how it works is unknown.
• Fioricet may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

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Fioricet overdosing is a combination of all the symptoms caused by acetaminophen, butalbital and caffeine. Barbiturate overdosing is likely to cause mental confusion, comatose states, sever fatigue, hallucinations and dyspnea. The treatment must be applied urgently, as butalbital can affect the vital centers of the brain. As for caffeine, high doses can lead to seizures, excessive perspiration and severe diarrhea. You can certainly understand that Fioricet is not something you take without consulting your doctor.

Before taking the medication, it is for the best that you tell your doctor if you have a history of substance abuse, alcohol addiction or if you have ever suffered from respiratory disease. Depression, liver disease and porphyria should also be mentioned. Porphyria is a severe metabolic disorder and butalbital is not recommended to be used in such cases. Fioricet can also interact with certain types of medication, including blood thinners, benzodiazepines, narcotic pain medication and tricyclic antidepressants. Be sure to discuss all these aspects with your doctor.

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The dosage for Fioricet is adapted according to each patient and the medical condition.

Throughout the entire period of the treatment, the doctor will monitor constantly the progress of the patient and the general response to the administration of the drug. One of the side-effects caused by Fioricet is drowsiness. There are a lot of patients who report to the doctor complaining of day-time somnolence and in many cases the dosage of Fioricet is lowered. By going to the doctor, you can find out all there is to be known about Fioricet. You will be instructed to take it as soon as the first symptoms of tension headaches appear.

Fioricet is prescribed with extreme caution and medical specialists advise against using this medication for prolonged periods of time and in high doses.

It may cause dependence and severe withdrawal symptoms if the treatment is stopped of all a sudden. These symptoms are extremely varied, including flu-like symptoms with running nose and watery eyes.

At the same time, there are patients who experience more serious symptoms with abnormal behavior, mental confusion and seizures. The best thing to prevent withdrawal syndromes is to ask your doctor to reduce the dosage gradually. You can also ask about the addiction potential presented by Fioricet and you will certainly be informed that this medication should not be taken in larger quantities or more frequently than indicated.

What are the possible side effects of Fioricet?
• If you experience any of the following serious side effects, stop taking Fioricet and seek emergency medical attention:
· an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of your throat; swelling of your lips, tongue, or face; or hives);
· slow, weak breathing;
· liver damage (yellowing of the skin or eyes, nausea, abdominal pain or discomfort, unusual bleeding or bruising, severe fatigue);
· blood problems (easy or unusual bleeding or bruising); or
· low blood sugar (fatigue, increased hunger or thirst, dizziness, or fainting).
• These side effects are very rare and are not likely to occur during proper treatment with acetaminophen and caffeine. If you experience any unusual reactions, stop taking this medicine and seek the advice of your doctor.
• Other, less serious side effects may be more likely to occur. Continue to take Fioricet and talk to your doctor if you experience
· drowsiness;
· dizziness,, confusion or lightheadedness;
· shortness of breath;
· dry mouth;
· nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or decreased appetite;
· tiredness, leg pain, or muscle weakness;
· agitation, irritability, nervousness, anxiety or excitability;
· rash or itching;
· feeling of intoxication;
· headache; or
· constipation.
• Butalbital may be habit forming.
• Side effects other than those listed here may also occur. Talk to your doctor about any side effect that seems unusual or that is especially bothersome.

Forms of Fioricet available to treat migraines

Fioricet, which is a brand-name medication, is available only as a tablet. Other medications containing the same active ingredients are available as liquids and may contain different strengths of acetaminophen.

Other names for this combination of drugs:

  • Amaphen®
  • Anoquan®
  • Butace®
  • Endolor®
  • Esgic®
  • Fioricet®
  • Medigesic®
  • Repan®

Abuse and Dependence


Barbiturates may be habit-forming: Tolerance, psychological dependence, and physical dependence may occur especially following prolonged use of high doses of barbiturates. The average daily dose for the barbiturate addict is usually about 1500 mg. As tolerance to barbiturates develops, the amount needed to maintain the same level of intoxication increases; tolerance to a fatal dosage, however, does not increase more than two-fold. As this occurs, the margin between an intoxication dosage and fatal dosage becomes smaller. The lethal dose of a barbiturate is far less if alcohol is also ingested. Major withdrawal symptoms (convulsions and delirium) may occur within 16 hours and last up to 5 days after abrupt cessation of these drugs. Intensity of withdrawal symptoms gradually declines over a period of approximately 15 days. Treatment of barbiturate dependence consists of cautious and gradual withdrawal of the drug. Barbiturate-dependent patients can be withdrawn by using a number of different withdrawal regimens. One method involves initiating treatment at the patient’s regular dosage level and gradually decreasing the daily dosage as tolerated by the patient.

what is the best treatment for light sensitive tension headaches ?

what is the best treatment with regard to light sensitive tension head aches?
Doctor put me personally in physical therapy… 2 this make sense?

Best answer:

Esgic® Capsules (butalbital, acetaminophen and caffeine capsules USP 50 mg/325 mg/40 mg) are indicated for the relief of the symptom complex of tension (or muscle contraction) headache.

Evidence supporting the efficacy and safety of this combination product in the treatment of multiple recurrent headaches is unavailable. Caution in this regard is required because butalbital is habit-forming and potentially abusable.

solution by Mikey
Lay down on your back — place a hot compress more than your eyes and unwind with some soft tunes on your ipod.

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why do i have headache?

why do i have head ache?
I have too many head aches and i don’t know exactly why i do?

Best answer:

Answer by este Diablo Rojo (. con. )
it is probably stress related.

Plagued along with headaches from childhood in order to middle age I have experienced many different types: Migraines, Cluster, sensitive, Visual and mild. The following has helped me and others, I AM NOT A DOCTOR and I recommend that you make an appointment to see one and possibly consider guidance if these headaches are usually persistent.

This is not a substitute for viewing a Doctor or any health-care supplier. However , if you read this particular and follow the recommendations at the END you may be headache free before the appointment date(s).

What your own DDS, ER, MD, chiropractic specialist, therapist or health-care supplier may not tell you are; that most if not all headaches are usually STRESS related and they can be plus usually are triggered by fitness. If you can identify the trained triggers of your headaches you can break the cycle associated with stress aggravating a head ache and the headache aggravating the stress. This fuels a very stopping negative feedback cycle. crack the cycle by:

decreasing headache symptoms such as, nausea or vomiting, vomiting and vertigo. attempt inducing relaxation.
Teach your body to be more tolerant in the direction of headache triggers.
Try enhancing blood-circulation to your brain.
Start a routine that controls or even rids you of head aches (see my routine below).

Here are a few common types of headaches:

SUBDURAL Hematoma headaches are caused by trauma. If you have suffered the HEAD INJURY please quit reading this and go to the closest hospital Emergency Room NOW.

MIGRAINE headaches are usually one sided, more common in females and characterized by at least one of the following; level of sensitivity to light, pain at the rear of one eye, throbbing brought on by bright lights, chocolate, parmesan cheese, red wine or menstrual cycle. You can also have a visual aura close to lights and things might taste odd.

HYPERTENSION head aches are at the top and back again of your head and throb. You usually wake up with this head ache and after about 3 to 4 hrs it subsides and may become caused by high blood pressure. You may need medications to reduce your high blood pressure.

bunch headaches can be seen in an young to adult, more common within males, one sided, generally over temple or vision area, may have a bloodstream shot eye(s), and may wake up you up at night, runny nose, sweating, tearing of the eyes, usually worse within Spring or Fall (allergy season) and lasts fifteen min. to 12 hours.

MUSCULAR TENSION headaches seems: band-like distribution around mind – like wearing a really tight head band and is brought on by stress, tension, exhaustion and work.

CERVICOGENIC (neck caused) headaches – characterized by possible sharp pain at the rear of your ear at the foundation of the skull along with related shoulder pain which can final for days and weeks at a time until misalignment is fixed. Medications provide only short term relief when taken.

nose headaches are localized within nature; certain positions are usually worse like the nose region, steady throb, and even worse in the morning and may be periodic.

Rounding it out are usually Temporal, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage plus Brain Tumor headaches.

With the exception of the last three types of head ache and SUBDURAL Hematoma stress headaches there are SIX home remedies that I use and that may work for you as they do/did for me. This is a routine;

(1) consume 16 to 24 oz . of water as lacks may cause headaches. Dehydration will be stress. If you are fasting this can fill an empty stomach plus allows you to continue your quick.

(2) Eat a banana! the MOST skeptical of buddies was SO DESPERATE this individual eventually tried it plus claims that it cures forty percent of his headaches/migraines and gives some relief of the other 60 per cent! Bananas are loaded with potassium which usually helps alleviate all head aches. In addition it is very filling plus an empty stomach is tension.

(3) Take your chosen over-the-counter meds, if any.

(4) Take a pleasant shower.

(5) De-stress by; turning off the phone, TV, the computer, the time clock and don’t watch the news!

(6) Lay down for a quick sleep. To unplug the brain you are only going to think about exactly what else you can do to de-stress.

This is my routine I use to break the headache period. You could do the same or even add other stress reducers, such as: cold compresses, hearing plugs, sleep visors, natural teas, etc . It’s important to have a routine so that you can obtain CONTROL of the headaches and not vice-a-versa.

Knowledge is energy. Learn more about headaches and get a lot more control and empowerment more than them. Start at furthermore try:

Hope this helps!

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how do you get rid of a tension headache without taking over the counter or prescription medication?

how do you get rid of a pressure headache without taking over the particular counter or prescription medication?
i always get tension head aches icy hot seems to work yet i’m going for a clinical research soon and can’t get any medication over the counter or even prescription.
Does anyone understand some natural remedy’s that will get rid of the tension headache?

Best answer:

Answer by iFxckedElmo
Drinking tea plus resting your mind ( area out) usually works

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